About us

The status of RPIC

The Rožňava Regional Advisory and Information Center (abbreviated as RPIC Rožňava), as an association of legal entities and at the same time an independent and non-profit organization, creates conditions for the development of small and medium-sized enterprises as an important factor in regional development. It provides its services and assistance to clients for the purpose of socio-economic development in the Rožňava region, the educating of SMEs in the region, and integration into European economic structures.

RPIC Rožňava was founded with the support of the City of Rožňava and Cassovia BIC s.r.o. Košice in order to contribute to the development of business activities in the town of Rožňava and its region. The consent for the membership of the City of Rožňava in the association was approved by the Resolution of the Municipal Council no. 78/2001 on 24.4.2001. Subsequently, the RPIC was established by the founding agreement of the above-mentioned entities on May 10, 2001, and at the same time, the Articles of Association of the RPIC were adopted by the founding members of the association.

RPIC Rožňava ‘s activities began with the implementation of the project “Construction of the Business Incubator in Rožňava” in January 2003, but it did not start its practical activities in the field of providing consultancy and services for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) until September 2003.

The Assembly of Members, as the main body of the Association of Legal Entities RPIC Rožňava, consists of the following entities:

The town of Rožňava
Cassovia BIC s.r.o. Košice
Board of Directors, Board of Directors (SR), RPIC Rožňava consists of representatives of its members and its current composition is:

Ing. Vladimir Chlebo CSc. – the President
Michal Domik – member
Ing. Ivan Pezlár – member (director)

Organizational structure

The organizational structure of RPIC Rožňava is based on the real needs of effective activities of providing standard services for the target group of clients - small and medium-sized enterprises. RPIC Rožňava has three internal employees. The center cooperates with approximately five to ten permanent external staff. To ensure the efficient functioning of the center, some internal functions are suitably cumulated, so that all sections sufficiently provide services for target groups of clients.