Business incubator

The business incubator in Rožňava city is one of the networks of incubators around Slovakia. This network was made thanks to financial help from the European Union in project PHARE.

Mission of a our company
A business incubator (BI) is a place where newly created companies are concentrated in a limited space. The main mission of the business incubator is to actively support selected business plans within the preferences of the given region with its services and to provide them with long-term care.

The goal of our company 

the goal of our Company is to raise the probability of successful SME that is new on the quickly changing market and help our clients grow. The services that we provide are :

business space renting, our rent is lower than the market price.

technical infrastructure such ass full connection to internet copy and digital management.

providing SMEs with our long-year expertise in the field of successfully leading and managing an enterprise, our expertise, and information concerning EU projects and funding.

Activities of our company 

activities of our company are oriented for SMEs, start-ups, spin offs, we provide to our clients help in negotiations, help in their business plan, help to avoid mistakes that are most common in starting a company. we are able to provide them full and operational internet platforms but that is for a fee. we are very keen on explaining every risk involved and together with our client find the best way to start a successful company.

Criteria for choosing our clients are :

the realistic plan

added value to the region

the passionate manager/future client


Types of business incubators

The technology incubator is focused on business projects with a high technological level. Links with research institutions, industry, and SMEs provide effective support for R&D-oriented projects.

The classic incubator is focused on providing office and production space and capacities, technical infrastructure, as well as selected services to small businesses to significantly increase their chances of business success during the initial phase of their development.

The goal of our company now is to educate and help our SMEs with digitalization challenges

Services of RPIC 

economic and accounting advice
project financing consultancy
joint participation in exhibitions
initiating mutual cooperation
legal advice
customs advice
implementation of quality management systems
technological consulting
evaluation of projects for risk financing

the benefits for clients of RPIC

long term advisory services

financial relief during a crisis

advisory in digital services

education in EU financing or EU cooperation