Green Action Plan of Roznava


“Green future, that the citizens of Rožňava can live a healthy and quality life in a green, resilient and inclusive city of Rožňava that is adapted to climate change.”



We consider the creation of the Green Action Plan to be crucial for the future implementation of activities in the Rožňava district to support small and medium-sized enterprises in their transformation into sustainable enterprises. The city of Rožňava does not currently have any document that would anchor the city’s green policy for the coming years 2024 to 2030.

In order to apply the European Commission’s initiatives in Rožňava, it is first of all necessary to prepare the groundwork, which is why we have decided to prepare a Green Action Plan for the City of Rožňava.

The vision of the plan is to enable the citizens of Rožňava to enjoy a healthy and quality life in a green, resilient and inclusive city of Rožňava that uses resources wisely. We perceive that small and medium-sized enterprises are very important actors for the development of the region and we want to support and motivate them to transform their business into a sustainable one.

In the plan, we address proposals for the city’s progress in the field of green policies, a financial strategy for the implementation of measures to mitigate the climate crisis, etc.

The Green Action Plan of the City of Rožňava is part of deliverable number 5 entitled Green Action Plan for Transboundary SMEs (deliverable D2.2) of project number 101074091 with the acronym GAPSME.

The project Developing a Green Action Plan for Cross-Border SMEs is a project aiming to support SMEs in the region of Rožňava (SK) and Nyíregyháza (HU) in transforming their businesses into sustainable or environmentally friendly ones. We want to achieve this goal through the creation of a Green Action Plan for the city of Rožňava.





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