How was the event Let’s Bring Grants to the Rožňava Region?


On 28 June 2023 at 16.30, an event entitled Let’s Bring Grants to the Rožňava Region took place in the beautiful premises of the Cultural and Creative Centre Kláštor in Rožňava.


The event would not have been possible without our GAPSME project, which we are implementing with the city of Rožňava and Hungarian partners. Our project aims to develop a green strategy for the town of Rožňava and prepare the basis for local green deals, which we intend to use in the future to financially motivate entrepreneurs in our city to transform their business into a sustainable one. The event was opened by the GAPSME project coordinator and RPIC RV team member Jana.


Our invitation was accepted by two guests, namely Tomáš Pavlík, founder of the online magazine and podcast Grantup, also representing Enterprise Europe Network, and Ivan Pezlar, director of RPIC Rožňava, also an experienced project manager at Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Košice.



Tomáš presented open calls suitable for municipalities, local governments, entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations and individuals in the Rožňava region, then showed the audience how and where to look for calls.




Ivan’s presentation covered the philosophy of projects and grants, he also presented how the preparation of a grant application and the subsequent implementation of the project in practice takes place.



Thank you to all the participants for taking the time to come to the event, we hope that you took home a lot of new and practical information, and especially motivation to apply for grants.


We plan to organise more events in the future focusing on grants and promoting European Commission policies – stay tuned!


Download the presentations here:


1. Tomáš Pavlík – Current calls …and where to look for them?
2. Ivan Pezlar – How does it work in practice?



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