purpose of our company

purpose of RPIC

provide advice and services for those interested in setting up an SME organize and provide retraining courses for SME founders obtain,
process and provide information in the field of SMEs mediate contacts between entrepreneurs and public administration bodies,
banking and other partners operating in the field of SMEs within the Slovak Republic or abroad to direct new business activities in the town and region of Rožňava in accordance with the Program of socio-economic development of the town,
the Program of regional development of the district of Rožňava, as well as in accordance with the Program of socio-economic development of the Košice self-governing region to provide other assistance supporting the development of SMEs in the Rožňava district operate a Business Incubator in the town of Rožňava and provide services to start-ups in an incubator in connection with the lease of real estate actively contribute to the regional development of the Rožňava district, in particular through the elaboration, assessment, management and evaluation of regional development projects.
Provide advice, technical and material assistance to applicants for regional development projects

How is RPIC helping the region.

creating new job opportunities, protecting existing jobs, reducing unemployment improving the overall quality of small and medium-sized enterprises in terms of the degree of innovation and the introduction of new technologies, with the final effect of increasing the competitiveness of these enterprises – support for the transfer of new technologies in favor of regional activities changes in the industrial structure and services in the region improvement and higher efficiency of small and medium-sized enterprises in relation to foreign trade and trading partners active influence on the industrial structure, trade and services in accordance with the regional policy and special conditions of the use of the region’s resources

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