Development of a Green action plan for cross-border SMEs


Development of a Green action plan for cross-border SMEs

Durable partnership

The consortium consists of 4 partners RPIC RV, the city of Rožňava, the municipality of Nyíregyháza, and PRIMOM, and their partnership builds on the previous KKVAT project and other joint activities.

Information, advice and support

Lack of and low awareness of the benefits of going green has been identified as a reason why many European SMEs have not responded to such measures. Despite the long-term benefits, the transition to a more resource-efficient production requires increased investment for which SMEs may not be financially prepared. As SMEs lack the necessary knowledge and expertise, there is a need to start educating and informing them. For this reason, we want to provide Slovak and Hungarian SMEs with practical information, advice, and support so that they are able to improve resource efficiency.

Disclaimer: Co-funded by the European Union. However, the views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect those of the European Union or EISMEA. Neither the European Union nor the contributing body can be held responsible for them.

Green future

The two main objectives of the project are the development of a green action plan for cross-border SMEs and the creation of a basis for the development of future local green agreements in the form of templates.

Green transformation of the local economy

Our plan

The Green Action Plan will be based on our research. We will also compare the results with experts, and find solutions and recommendations for small and medium-sized enterprises to be greener. We will describe all the creative best practices and solutions related to the green transition of the local economy and society that we will collect during the research and writing of the plan, and gather during the organization of the workshops. The Green Action Plan will include a list of recommendations for replicating the approach to address the principles outlined in the Local Green Deal Blueprint. One of the main priorities will be to support the digitalization and sustainability of business in our regions, based on an agreement between the city/incubator and the SME.


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